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Decaf Tea

About Mamancy’s Decaf & Caffeine-Free Teas

Premium loose leaf teas and chocolates made in the Pacific Northwest.

Mamancy Tea offers an excellent selection of decaf and naturally caffeine-free options, so you can enjoy all of the flavors and health benefits of tea without the buzz of caffeine. As with all of our teas, we begin by sourcing our high-grade ingredients from small gardens all around the world.

When crafting our premium decaf teas, it is our goal to create a strong and full-bodied cup that is full of the same depth as our fully caffeinated teas. That is why we carefully process the tea leaves to preserve the tea’s flavors and health properties while removing as much caffeine as possible. 

Meanwhile, most of our herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free. With flavors ranging from floral and fruity to rich and nutty, our selection of herbal teas has something for everyone. We artfully blend these teas using a mixture of fruits, spices, herbs, and other botanical ingredients that are packed with exceptional flavors. Our herbal teas also offer a plethora of health benefits, such as aiding in digestion or promoting calm, which makes them a great option for people who want a great-tasting and caffeine-free tea that promotes wellness.

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Whether you want to enjoy a late-night warm drink or you prefer to stay away from the caffeine jitters, there are plenty of reasons to reach for a delicious cup of decaf tea. With Mamancy’s selection of exceptional decaf teas, you can still savor your favorite flavors without worrying about the stimulating effects of caffeine. Or, you can browse our extensive assortment of herbal teas, most of which are naturally caffeine-free.

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What is the Difference Between Decaf and Caffeine-Free?

Decaf and caffeine-free may seem like they mean the exact same thing, but they are actually slightly different when it comes to tea. The main difference is that decaf teas have undergone a special process that removes almost all of the caffeine from the leaves, while caffeine-free teas naturally contain no caffeine. 

Decaf teas contain less than 2.5% of the original caffeine content, which is such a small amount that it is inconsequential to most people. However, caffeine-free teas may be a better option for individuals who are hyper-sensitive to or completely avoiding caffeine.