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About Mamancy Tea Blends

Premium loose leaf teas and chocolates made in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re searching for a decadent drink to treat yourself with, look no further than Mamancy’s tea blends! By mixing our teas with fragrant ingredients, we are able to create unique and show-stopping flavors. From blends infused with spices to dessert teas that take the cake, our blended options will yield an unforgettable cup.

To take this treat to the next level, our blended teas are also specially created to pair perfectly with our handmade chocolates. The delicate and intricate flavors of our blended teas are carefully selected to complement the deep and rich taste of premium chocolate, so you can delight in the best that both of these luxuries have to offer.

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With tea blends, the options are endless. These teas are made by mixing different types of tea and pairing them with fruit, flowers, spices, or other fragrant botanicals. With robust flavors similar to what you might expect in a latte, blends are a great introduction to the world of premium tea.

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