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Loose Leaf Tea

The tradition of drinking tea is thousands of years old, and is an important part of cultures throughout the world. At the center of all of these practices is loose leaf tea, which is brimming with health benefits and deep, intricate flavors.

Premium loose leaf tea is unlike anything you will find in the grocery store. Since the leaves are not broken by being placed in tiny sachets or tea bags, they unfurl during the steeping process to release richer and stronger fragrances. Undamaged leaves also retain more of their health properties, making loose leaf tea the best way to enjoy all that premium tea has to offer.

Mamancy’s Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Premium loose leaf teas and chocolates made in the Pacific Northwest.

At Mamancy Tea, we strive to bring you the best cup of tea possible. And, since excellent tea begins in the growing process, we work closely with small tea gardens in specific growing regions to get the best leaves possible. Our premium teas are sourced from gardens all over the world, including India, Europe, China, Japan, South America, and Kenya.

Once harvested, we carefully process the leaves using techniques that help showcase the tea’s natural flavors while conserving its health benefits. To ensure you get the most decadent cup of tea possible, we also work to keep the tea leaves intact throughout production.

Rather than breaking apart or grinding the leaves to use in tea bags, which can diminish the quality and flavor, we carefully preserve the loose leaf tea in tins or larger vacuum-sealed bags. That way, you can savor all of the tea’s excellent aromas, tastes, and health benefits.

History of Loose Leaf Tea

According to legend, tea was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C. when he accidentally boiled a tea leaf in his water. This accidental discovery would soon become one of the most popular and prized beverages in history.

Through travel and commerce, tea became an important beverage for cultures all around the world. From sacred ceremonies to social events, tea has been the centerpiece in thousands of years of rich history and tradition across humanity.