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Local Honey from Mamancy Tea

Premium loose leaf teas and chocolates made in the Pacific Northwest.

We want to make sure you have the perfect honey to go with your cup of tea. That’s why we carefully monitor every stage of the honey production process, beginning with the sourcing. To ensure your honey has the best flavors and health benefits, we only source locally. Our final product is a smooth and sweet syrup filled with floral notes.

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Few things go together better than tea and honey. Whether you spoon some into your tea or smother a little onto your scones, local honey is a great addition to tea time. That’s why at Mamancy Tea, we make our own premium honey to pair with our teas. 

While the little bears at the supermarket may be cute, local honey offers several benefits. In addition to carrying a more floral and complex flavor, locally sourced honey is environmentally friendly and can have positive health effects.

Health Benefits of Local Honey

  • Can relieve symptoms of some allergies
    With each bite of local honey, you consume small quantities of pollen. Over time, this works as a form of immunotherapy, which can reduce your sensitivity to pollen and therefore reduce your symptoms. That said, individuals with severe pollen allergies should consult their physician before consuming local honey.
  • Contains small amounts of helpful compounds
    Local honey contains trace amounts of essential enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Though honey is not a significant source of vitamins and other nutrients, these compounds offer many more benefits than other sweeteners like refined sugar.
  • Encourages heart health
    Some studies have indicated that the compounds found in local honey can help lower blood pressure, decrease triglycerides, and reduce LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol levels. All of these benefits can help lower your risk of heart disease.