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English High Tea

There’s no better way to savor the finer things in life than by attending an English high tea. Dainty china, exquisite foods, and good friends are all staples of this cherished tradition. Whether you are looking for lunch date ideas or simply want to enjoy time with your loved ones, English high tea is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Customers enjoying high tea at Mamancy in Beaverton and Hillsboro, OR

Tradition of High Tea

Though English high tea is now associated with elegance and leisurely relaxation, it actually began in the mid-1700s as a simple meal for working men. Afternoon tea was already an established tradition at this point in time, but it wasn’t practical for the working class to halt their duties in the middle of the day for socializing over a cup.

So that they could still enjoy an afternoon meal, many working men began to indulge in a more casual version of teatime. This tea was usually served between 3 and 4 o’clock, and it often took place either standing up or at a dining table rather than in a lounge – which is why it is now known as “high tea”. 

Over time, high tea became a more important social event. Today, it is often enjoyed as a special occasion for friends and family to delight in delicious food, flavorful teas, and time with one another.

High Tea at Mamancy

Premium loose leaf teas and chocolates made in the Pacific Northwest.

At Mamancy, we want tea to be more than just a drink. We want it to be a memorable experience set apart from your daily life, where you can luxuriate in delicious flavors and quality time with your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, come on into our Beaverton Tea House and enjoy a classic English high tea! Our high tea menu includes:

  • Unlimited hot teas
  • Savory selection of sandwiches
  • A variety of sweet treats, including truffles, scones, mini-cakes, and cookies.
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free* options. 
  • Two hours of time to relax and enjoy your tea with friends.
High Tea with pastries
Two Friends talking over Mamancy Tea

How to Prepare for Your High Tea

If you’re looking forward to enjoying a high tea at Mamancy but don’t know how to prepare for such a special event, leave all of your stress and worries behind! A high tea is all about savoring delicious flavors and delighting in time with your loved ones. As long as you are ready to relax with friends while enjoying decadent teas and treats, you are ready for your high tea experience.

English High Tea in Beaverton OR

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