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Build Your Own Box of Chocolates

Across many cultures, it is a tradition to reach for something sweet to eat as we enjoy our tea. The British are known for their biscuits, the Africans for their mandazis, and the Europeans for their beignets. At Mamancy, we believe that chocolate elevates your tea experience. 

From floral aromas to nutty and rich flavors, both chocolate and tea share many characteristics that blend together in perfect harmony. When paired together, these two simple luxuries can truly enhance your tasting experience and unlock a whole new way to enjoy these exceptional treats. 

Our indulgent handmade chocolates are crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients. Chocolatier and Mamancy founder Anne is dedicated to creating unique and flavorful treats that bring out the deep and nuanced flavors of our delectable teas.

With dozens of handcrafted chocolates to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect match. With our build-your-own-box option, you can hand-pick from our wide selection of delicious sweets to pair with your favorite teas. Choose from 9-, 18-, or 30-piece boxes for your custom selection of decadent chocolates:

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