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Some Things Happy Customers Have Said


  • Michelle W.
    One of the best prepared chai teas I've tasted! Anne is a talented tea barista, and a friendly hostess. Stop in, try a pastry, specialty chocolate (even a nice sugar free selection), and one or more cups of tea!
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  • Lucinda K.
    Delicious. Creative. People full of integrity, passion & kindness. Have you ever seen such beautiful chocolates?! They’re like jewels. Thank you!
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  • Charlotte F
    Polly A.
    This is a gem of a place to visit. We had a really lovely afternoon tea with the family. Its a charming setting, lovely staff and absolutely delicious teas, chocolates, and cakes.
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Only Fresh Ingredients

We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you
deserve the best.


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Made With Love

Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be
– from start to finish.



About Us

Mamancy is a minority woman owned company. Anne, founder of Mamancy Tea Co, grew up drinking tea in Kenya as it was a family ritual and communal ceremony. That is why @Mamancy Tea Co, we believe that there is nothing more important than spending quality time with those you love. In an effort to bring our cherished customer high quality end products Anne is dedicated to continuous learning and growth. Dedication to pursue a comprehensive understanding of tea and chocolate horticulture, processing of the raw materials to complete finished product development, has led her to become a certified Tea Sommelier & certified Chocolatier.

Our unending pursuit to deliver the best quality tasting tea and to create the most tempting chocolatey treats is our passion and joy. The best things in life are to be savored. Mamancy Tea Co offer products that are specially curated and delicately blended from the best quality ingredients from all over the world. This allows you to luxuriate in all the flavors and richness that Mamancy has to offer. You will find that we are home to some of the most creative designs in chocolates and specially blended teas.

It is our pleasure to be of service to you and yours.

~ This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Tim 2:3-4 ~